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AOC Celebrates Success and Future Directions at Official Distributor Conference


AOC recently gathered its official distributors throughout Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa (APMEA) to celebrate positive performance and position the brand for further growth.

The luxurious Beijing conference venue.

The event was held in Beijing from 21-25 April.

Called the “Win 2010 Disty Party” and based in a luxury hotel, it offered plenty of social activities, with gala banquets and tours of the city’s famous attractions like the Olympic site and Great Wall.

However, it wasn’t all party time, with the core event a series of business presentations intended to unite AOC staff and distributors under the banner of “One Dream, One Team”.

The conference started with a review of AOC AP’s impressive sales growth, which has averaged 49% per year from 2007 to 2009, ranking the brand 4th amongst display manufacturers across the AP region. In 2007 the initial stage of entering the market, the market share has jumped to 6% in no time, the 6th place in the market. In 2008, market share reached 7.2%, taking 5th place. In 2009 AOC increased 10% of the market share, taking the 4th place, heading a growth of a 70.2% in the LCD market [Source: IDC AP non-bundled PC Monitor Tracker Q4 2009(ex. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan)]. In countries like India and the Philippines, AOC is certainly among the leading brands. In the Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam markets the rising of AOC market share is unstoppable. In 2010 our preparations to develop our business into the previously unexplored Middle East and Korea are now complete.

Ray Zhuo, AOC APMEA General
Manager, envisions
“One Dream” for AOC

Looking ahead, sustained growth will see AOC APMEA sell over 2 million units in 2010 (ex. PRC), lifting it to 3rd rank in the market, with a goal of reaching the No. 1 position within the next few years: this is AOC’s “One Dream”.

With an installed base of over 10 million AOC displays, and the fastest growth rate among the top monitor brands, this dream could well become reality.

Global demand for LCD panels has encouraged major investments in new production facilities. Even so, ongoing economic recovery and consumer preference for increasing screen sizes could soon lead to shortages. Panel availability is critical for display manufacturers; AOC hopes its strong resource-base of Chinese factories will secure the volumes needed for further expansion in market share.

In past years, being a price leader and technology follower has enabled AOC to establish itself rapidly in each new country, appealing to the mainstream market segment with “Eyes Value” as the positioning statement. This strategy has recently evolved into becoming a “technology player”, with adoption of new LCD technologies and clever application of sensors and smart software, which reduce power consumption and enhance the user experience. LED backlighting and in-plane switching panels are already accelerating the proportion of AOC models with mid- to high-end features. Within the next year or so, AOC will launch multi-touch and 3D monitors.

Fashion parade:
The “Art Of Colors” lifestyle on show.

Rapid technology transfer is combined with a diverse range of industrial designs for the monitor cabinets and bases, including novel materials, finishes and decoration that allow AOC to present “lifestyle models” appealing to consumers who want more than a basic display.

AOC calls this “Art Of Colors”.

Distributors were introduced to a wide range of new AOC models at the “Colorful Life 2010” product launch exhibition.

Most AOC monitors to be released this year will combine features that fall into three areas of particular relevance to sophisticated buyers. These so-called “3e” categories are Green (or environmental), ergonomic and entertaining.

“One Team”: AOC Distributors.

Green credentials are confirmed by international certifications for power saving and reduced environmental impact. Ergonomics extend beyond attractive exterior design to operational elements like simpler controls and menus, automatic brightness adjustment and keyboard illumination. Entertainment recognises the convergence of computing and multimedia content and devices, with features like Full HD resolution and HDMI input.

To reach the No. 1 spot, AOC will further develop its product strategy to one of technology leadership in the next few years.

Distributors were pleased to hear that AOC’s “One Team” channel strategy involves a tight integration of customer-facing activities by both AOC and its official partners.

Whilst enjoying their Beijing party, AOC staff and distributors did not forget that a major earthquake had struck Qinghai province just a week before. They joined together in donating funds to assist with disaster relief.

Team-building at the Great Wall.
Champion team at the Olympics.