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AOC iF23 -gold award by HWM Malaysia.


23” Wide
Contrast Ratio
100000:1 (DCR)
1920 x 1080

One of the most common problems of LCD monitors is that the viewer must be positionedin the sweet spot because by just moving either to the left or right a few centimeters, images viewed on the display can be too be dark on either side making viewing photos or videos a hassle. But worry no more as one of AOC’s latest LCD monitors, the iF23 will solve this viewing problem for everyone.

The design of this 23” LCD monitor may seem a bit deceptive at first as it looks a bit like an allin-one PC. But deceptions aside, the monitor looks very good thanks to its piano polish finish, although some may not like it as it is glossy and tends to attract smudges and fingerprints. Also, AOC decided to keep things simple on the front as the iF23 only has one button on the front bezel. This button is the power button as well as the menu button. To navigate through the menus, the button is wrapped by a 4-way navigational button. We liked the simplicity of its design but the power/menu and 4-way navigational button requires a bit of pressure put on to it. On the back, there’s the usual power socket, 1 DVI-D and 1 D-Sub port. Seeing as this is a HD monitor, we were wondering why the iF23 doesn’t have a HDMI. There’s also a stand on the back of the display which is used to adjust the monitor’s viewing angle. The stand serves its purpose well but it does look a little plasticky.


Other than just having a unique design, the iF23 has quite a few tools under its belt that makes it an even more unique monitor. For the first part, the monitor itself has “In Plane Switching” panel technology which provides users with the widest viewing angle possible and it also ensures images are always consistent from any viewing position. The IPS panel technology also shows images with greater depth with less color shift.

Speaking about color, the iF23 also has a Dynamic Color Boost feature which allows users to customize the color of an image or just a section of the screen. Its native 16:9 aspect ratio also enables HD media to be viewed in full screen without distortion or annoying black bars.

AOC has definitely hit the jackpot with the AOC iF23 as its image producing prowess is impressive. For our color tests, the iF23 managed to produce colors accurately although it was a bit on the bright side and somehow made colors seem to be a bit washed out. As for text reproduction, even when zoomed into, a file at 200% showed no bleed or any distortion to the text.

The iF23 definitely has a lot going for it as it displays images perfectly, plays videos clearly and displays text without any bleed or distortion. Although it may lack certain features such as a HDMI connector or even built-in speakers, the AOC iF23 is definitely worth recommending thanks to its picture producing prowess.

 Colors are produced close to original but are a tad brightText is produced perfectly without bleed ordistortion
 The adjustable stand allows users toposition the monitor to best suit their needs  


Driving System:
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Connections:1 x 24-pin DVI-D, 1 x 15-pin, D-SUB
Brightness:250 cd/m²
Full HD, Solid Panel, Real Color, True Wide, In PlaneSwitching, Auto Off Timer
Dimensions: 609 x446 x 140 mm
Weight: 5kg
Contact: PassoTechnology Sdn Bhd / Pure-Link Technology (M)
Sdn Bhd Telephone (07) 433 3301, (07) 5542041 / (03) 3348 8889 URL