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AOC and Team RNG Form Strategic Partnership for Global e-Sports


AOC has officially signed up renowned professional gaming team RNG (Royal Never Give Up) to strengthen its global position in e-sports, the exciting gaming industry that is experiencing fast growth both in terms of participation and viewing consumption.
A Powerful Combination
The partnership is based around the impressive AGON brand of professional AOC gaming monitors, which have already equipped several leading gaming teams with the ultra-competitive platform they need to drive the region’s gaming professionals into the top ranks globally. AOC’s contribution to RNG’s continuing run of success will be the supply of customized display solutions designed to ensure winning performance in international gaming arenas, such as the prestigious ‘League of Legends’ Championship, where RNG has already had considerable success.
Building Greater Achievements
Team RNG’s formidable reputation is based on a solid record of victory: champion of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational; champion of the 2018 Asian Competition; and runner-up of the League of Legends Global Finals. Years of battle and numerous awards have together made the RNG team a respected symbol of prowess in e-sports.
With their high-action style and continuous development, e-sports have become an indispensable part of the lives of 640 million gamers worldwide. This cooperation between AOC and RNG represents an all-important link between professional players and the professional equipment on which their victories depend, in Asia and globally.