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Exciting new AOC displays at CeBIT 2010


Berlin, 28. January 2010 – AOC will introduce several new flatscreens at this year’s CeBIT, held in Hannover from 2. to 6. March 2010. These latest products are all about low energy consumption, design and an even brighter image quality.

LCDs with LED backlights

40 Series

Displays with LED backlights are becoming more and more popular. In addition to its current line-up, AOC will present further models available in screen sizes from 47cm/18.5” to 60.1cm/24”. The same LED technology is also used in AOC’s monitor TVs and touchscreen models.

An LCD for every area of life

41 Series

AOC will equally unveil a range of LCDs with conventional backlights (CCFL/cold cathode tube). Ranging from 48.3cm/19” to 68.6cm/27”, these new models form one of the largest product line-ups on the market and offer a solution for any segment (entry level, business sector, home office, and gaming).

New to the collection are LCD models with protective glass – the perfect shield for hardworking displays in internet cafés, educational facilities or public areas.

Notebook monitors

e2239Fwt – notebook touch monitor

This special full HD LCD in 16:9 format with a screen size of 54.4cm/21.5” is a worldwide premiere at the CeBIT. Boasting two feet on either side, this novelty is ideal for all notebook users who want to hook up to a large-sized display. Not only will videos and games look more impressive on a big screen, but working conditions will also be improved by better ergonomics.

Monitor TV

68.6cm/27“- V27m

AOC combines two worlds into one: elegant PC display and TV combos. Sporting a timeless and classic look, these all-rounders come in screen sizes of 54.9cm/21.5”to 68.6cm/27”, The new monitor TVs are ideal for all users who like to quickly switch between computer work and TV entertainment.


If you are looking for an extra large widescreen display which is equally suited to work and entertainment, look no further than AOC’s V27m. Featuring a 68.6cm/27” screen and a depth of only 2.8cm, this elegant black monitor is one of the slimmest in its class. The stunning bezel sports a transparent crystal-like frame with a horizontal glossy decorative element. Hidden behind the attractive exterior is the latest display technology which ensures a superb image quality.

Green IT
Environmental aspects range at the very top of the list for AOC when it comes to the development, manufacture and transport of its products. In standby mode, some products consume less than 0.1 watts, whilst others are fitted with Off Timers, and in parts a novel packaging is used, which is almost entirely recyclable.

“Today, AOC is already one of the large brand suppliers in the global display market”, says Stefan Sommer, Product Marketing Manager IT at AOC. “In introducing its new products at the CeBIT, AOC emphasizes its ambitious target: to play an even bigger role in the European display market in the future.”

The recommended retail prices of the introduced products have not been set yet. They will be announced in a separate communication at the time of the product launch.